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How to Use ChatGPT in Excel: A Quick Guide

how to use chatgpt in Excel

This article will explore how to use ChatGPT in Excel to enhance your Excel experience. Whether you need assistance with formulas, functions, macros, or troubleshooting, this post will provide valuable insights and solutions. Let's get started!

Key Concepts: ChatGPT and Excel

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, designed to understand and generate human-like text responses. It utilizes advanced language processing models to engage in interactive conversations and provide insightful information.

Excel, on the other hand, is a widely used spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft. It allows users to organize, analyze, and manipulate data using various features, functions, and formulas. In Excel, a point refers to a data entry or a value within a cell. Cells in Excel hold data, such as numbers, formulas, or text, and points are the individual data units within those cells.

A value in Excel represents the result of a calculation or the content stored in a cell. It can be a number, text, date, or other type of information. Excel data encompasses all the information stored within a spreadsheet, including numbers, text, dates, formulas, and formatting.

The application of Excel varies across industries and sectors. It is extensively used in finance, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, and many other domains to manage and analyze data efficiently. Companies can securely leverage Excel to store and process confidential company details, financial records, and other business-related information.

User access to ChatGPT enables individuals to interact with the AI chatbot, asking questions, seeking assistance, and receiving responses that help them accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively.

How to Create a Chat GPT Account

If you do not have a Chat GPT account, follow these simple steps to get started (don't worry, it's free!):

  • Open a browser and navigate to the chat platform.
  • Locate the signup button and click on it to begin creating your OpenAI account.
  • Choose to sign up using either your email address, a Microsoft account, or a Google account.
  • Provide a phone number for verification and access purposes.

If you already have an account, skip this process to explore how to effectively employ Chat GPT in Excel.

How to Use ChatGPT in Excel to Solve Any Problem

Once you're signed in, you can immediately send messages to the AI chatbot. You'll be placed in a chat session where you can ask a series of questions.

To seek clarification on Excel concepts from Chat GPT, it's important to indicate explicitly that you're referring to Ms. Excel or an Excel spreadsheet. This ensures you receive relevant answers and avoid confusion with other spreadsheet technologies like Google Sheets.

To initiate your chat session, you can start with a statement such as “I'm working with Excel” and then proceed to ask your question in the following sentence:

For clarity and simplicity, I recommend using the phrase “Using Excel, what is…?” when inquiring about a specific concept or term. Here's an example to illustrate:

“Using Excel, how do we test the IF function?”

By framing your question this way, you'll receive a detailed explanation that delves into both concepts and provides illustrative examples to highlight their differences.

How to Use Chat GPT to Write Excel Formulas and Functions

When using Chat GPT, you don't need to specify the content context within the same chat session repeatedly. Chat GPT will remember the topic you were discussing, such as Excel, and use the code accordingly.

However, if you start a new chat session or log out and re-enter, it's important to remind the chatbot that you are working with Excel.

Here's how you can leverage Chat GPT to write Excel formulas and functions effectively:

  1. Request Guidance

You can ask ChatGPT for assistance with a specific Excel formula or function you want to use in your spreadsheet. It will explain the syntax of the function and provide helpful examples. For instance, you could ask questions like:

  • What is the purpose of the COUNTA function in Excel?
  • How does IF(AND) differ from IF(OR) in Excel?
  1. Problem-Solving

Chat GPT's real strength lies in its ability to solve specific problems. You can present a particular issue to ChatGPT, and it will provide solutions and guidance accordingly. Let me give you an example:

Suppose you have values for a range of prices in your Excel worksheet, and you want to know if a condition is met. You could ask ChatGPT:

The screenshot shows that Chat GPT has generated a custom formula using the column references you provided. The code is ready for direct copying into Excel.

Guide to Utilizing Chat GPT for Excel VBA and Macros

Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is an invaluable tool for automating repetitive tasks and creating customized functions. If you require assistance with Excel macros or are new to VBA programming, Chat GPT can help you navigate the software and the process.

Similar to asking about formula syntax and usage, you can consult Chat GPT for guidance on VBA syntax and usage. For instance, you can ask how to remove spaces from a text string.

Furthermore, you can even request Chat GPT to generate a macro for you. While it cannot directly access your workbook, it will provide you with all the necessary steps.

Let's take an example prompt:

“Create an Excel VBA macro called “CalculateProfit” that sums all the numbers in column A and multiplies the total by the currency conversion rate in cell A2. Place the result into cell C2.”

Note that the prompt specifies:

  • The macro's name
  • The task (summing cells) and the specific column
  • The specific cell where the result should be placed

Chat GPT will start by providing instructions on opening the VBA editor and inserting a new module for your macro. Then comes the magic!

The tool will generate a complete macro that you can easily copy and paste into the VBA editor.

By following these steps, you can leverage Chat GPT to streamline your Excel VBA and macro creation process.

Tips for Using Chat GPT with Excel Macros

Here are some valuable tips to ensure accurate results when utilizing the AI tool for Excel macros:

  1. Provide Specific Instructions for Each Task and Excel Formula

When requesting assistance from Chat GPT, it is crucial to be specific about the desired outcome. For instance, if you want the result to be placed in a particular cell, explicitly mention it. Otherwise, the generated macro might display the result in a message box. Practice being detailed in your instructions to achieve precise results.

  1. Break Complex Tasks into Smaller Components

Remember that the free version of Chat GPT may not produce lengthy macros. To address complex requirements, it is advisable to break them down into shorter tasks. Present each task as a separate message to Chat GPT. Although the output will be multiple macros, you can combine them into a single macro to achieve your objective.

  1. Use Consistent Variable Naming

While Chat GPT chooses variable names in the example macros, you may prefer to follow a consistent naming standard across all the macros you write. To ensure uniformity, provide a style guide to Chat GPT at the beginning of the session. For instance, you can specify a naming convention like “int” for Integer, “lng” for Long, “dbl” for Double, and “rng” for Range.

  1. Test the Output and Include Quality Control

It is essential to test the generated macro before sharing it with others. Chat GPT, like any tool, may have limitations and can occasionally provide code that does not compile correctly. By testing the macro, you can verify if the results align with your expectations. If issues arise, review your initial request to ensure each instruction is clear and unambiguous.

Remember that Chat GPT may suggest features and syntax that might not be compatible with your version of Microsoft Excel. If you encounter this issue, it could be due to the tool offering functionalities that are not applicable to your specific Excel version.

How to Integrate Excel and ChatGPT

Several vendors have developed Excel Add-Ins that facilitate integration. Most of these Add-ins are compatible with Excel 2016 and newer versions. To explore the available options, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Excel workbook and navigate to the Insert tab.
  • In the Add-ins section, click on “Get Add-ins.”
  • In the search box that appears, enter “ChatGPT Excel” to browse the relevant add-ins.
  • Review the options that are displayed to find the suitable ChatGPT Excel Add-In for your needs.

Integrating ChatGPT directly into your Excel workbook allows you to access its capabilities seamlessly without switching between different applications. 

Overcoming Challenges with Chat GPT: Troubleshooting Excel Spreadsheets

Users may encounter three common issues while working with Chat GPT. Here are solutions to overcome them.

  1. Handling Time-outs

Due to the immense popularity of Chat GPT, occasional time-outs may occur when the tool experiences high demand. If you encounter this issue, there are several steps you can take to continue working smoothly:

  • Refresh your browser to establish a new connection.
  • Start a new chat session by clicking the “+” sign.
  • Log out of the tool completely, then log back in to reset the session.

These simple solutions can help you overcome time-out issues and resume your work without disruption.

  1. Staying Updated on Excel Features

Chat GPT's knowledge is based on a vast amount of information available until September 2021, which may result in missing information about the latest Excel features introduced by Microsoft. 

To stay informed about new Excel features, consider visiting the Microsoft Techcommunity website. It provides the latest announcements and updates on new functionalities, ensuring you are up to date with the most recent Excel capabilities.

  1. Incorrect Answers or Formulas

While Chat GPT is an advanced AI tool, occasionally incorrect information or formulas may be provided by ChatGPT. If you receive an incorrect answer or formula, consider rephrasing your question or prompt to provide clearer instructions to ChatGPT. However, if the tool continues to provide the same incorrect response, it's advisable to ask ChatGPT for alternative solutions or different functions/formulas that could achieve the desired outcome.

A “power” error in Excel typically refers to an error message displayed when an issue with a formula or function exists. It helps users identify and correct errors in their calculations.

Future Developments for Chat GPT and Microsoft Apps

ChatGPT's integration with Excel is just the beginning of the advancements in AI-powered productivity tools. Here are a few developments to anticipate in the realm of ChatGPT: —

Improvements in Chat GPT's Capabilities

OpenAI continuously enhances Chat GPT to improve natural language understanding, data analysis techniques, and machine learning integration. These improvements aim to make Chat GPT more conversational, insightful, and adaptable, enabling users to manage data effectively and unlock Excel's full potential.

Expansion of AI Integration in Other Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft's commitment to incorporating AI technologies extends beyond Excel. The integration of AI-powered features across the entire Office suite is expected. This includes seamless collaboration, AI-driven document creation and formatting, smarter search and content recommendation, and voice assistance. These advancements will revolutionize the way users interact with Microsoft Office applications.

Industry-Specific Customizations

As AI technology evolves, there is immense potential for industry-specific customization. Tailored AI solutions, integration with industry-specific tools and platforms, specialized AI models, and custom training and support are all possibilities. Collaboration with industry experts will ensure that AI models address unique industry challenges and deliver transformative solutions.

Key Tips to Note in the Application of ChatGPT to Excel

When it comes to financial data and historical data analysis, Excel is an invaluable tool. It enables users to import and organize financial information, perform calculations, create charts, and generate reports. It enhances office productivity, enabling users to manage data, create spreadsheets, perform calculations, and generate visual representations of information.

Sales data analysis is another common application of Excel, as it helps businesses gain insights into their sales performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Prompts in Excel are instructions or requests for input provided to guide users when performing specific tasks or using particular features.

Excel can be integrated with various platforms, including chatbots, through VBA code (Visual Basic for Applications). VBA code allows users to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and extend Excel's capabilities.

API key is a unique identifier that grants access to an application programming interface (API). In the context of Excel, an API key can be used to connect with external services or retrieve data from web sources. 


The integration of ChatGPT with Excel revolutionizes the way we conduct data analysis. Combining AI-driven insights from ChatGPT with Excel's robust spreadsheet functionalities allows users to delve deeper into their financial data, uncover valuable trends, and make informed decisions. From historical data analysis to sales insights and office productivity enhancement, ChatGPT empowers users to extract meaningful information from their datasets.

Moreover, the seamless integration of VBA code and API key access further amplifies the capabilities of Excel and ChatGPT. Users can automate repetitive tasks, extend Excel's functionalities, and connect with external services to access real-time data. This synergy enhances efficiency, saves time, and enables a more comprehensive analysis.

As technology evolves, the collaboration between AI and productivity tools like Excel opens up new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. The combined power of ChatGPT and Excel paves the way for advanced data analysis, empowering users to make data-driven decisions easily.

So, whether you are a financial analyst, a business professional, or an Excel enthusiast, embracing ChatGPT in Excel unlocks a world of opportunities for complex data analysis and deeper insights. Embrace this powerful duo, and let your data tell its story clearly and precisely.