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AI Review Reply Assistant

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Helped businesses respond to customer reviews.


MARA Solutions is an AI Review Reply Assistant that enables businesses to respond to customer reviews with individualized, human-like responses three times faster. The AI assistant speaks every language and is designed to work for all types of reviews, allowing businesses to copy and paste responses directly into review platforms or online reputation management platforms. The benefits of using MARA include the ability to save time and money, improve overall star rating, increase online reputation, boost response rates, and provide a user-friendly software with consistently high quality. MARA customers have reported an average of 4 minutes saved per answer, with 13.33 hours and 522.92€ saved monthly.MARA has been praised by customers of all sizes, including Deputy General Manager of Steigenberger Hotel Bremen who commented on how the AI “thinks” and writes on its own in every language, General Management at 12.18. Hospitality Mgmt who found the AI’s choice of words to be “more human than [they] imagined it to be,” and Rooms Division Manager at Roomers who noted that the AI saved them 5-10 minutes per response.The AI is designed for easy use, allowing users to copy a review into MARA and generate individualized responses in seconds. MARA eliminates the need to start from a blank page for every response, freeing up time and brain power for the day.

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Release Date: 16 June 2023

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