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Altered is a technology that allows users to change their voice to any of their carefully curated portfolio or custom voices, enabling them to create compelling professional voice performances. It offers unique speech-to-speech and performance-to-performance technology that renders hi-res synthetic speech that is indistinguishable from real. Altered also provides voice cloning services and an Altered Voice Editor software to record and edit voice recordings easily in the browser. It is trusted by various reputable companies and is available for a free trial.



Altered is a technology company that specializes in voice manipulation and audio editing software. They offer a suite of tools that allow users to modify their own voice or create new ones, as well as tools for editing audio recordings.

One of the key features of Altered is their ability to modify voices to sound like specific individuals, such as a famous actor, a voice-talent, a friend, or even a younger version of oneself. This is achieved through their unique speech-to-speech, performance-to-performance technology that produces high-resolution synthetic speech that is virtually indistinguishable from real speech.

Altered also offers a Voice Editor software that runs directly in the browser, allowing users to work on audio projects from anywhere with an internet connection. The Voice Editor software includes a range of features to speed up audio editing workflows and ensure maximum security.

Altered has been used by a variety of companies in the entertainment industry, including Rebound Sound Company, Gimlet, Ninja Theory, and more. They offer a free trial of their services, with pricing plans that vary depending on the level of features and access needed.



Altered offers two main products: Altered Studio and Voice Editor. Altered Studio has three pricing plans: Creator, Professional, and Enterprise, with monthly, quarterly, and annual billing options. The Creator plan costs £44/month and includes features like Speech-To-Speech Morphing, 6 professional voices, and 50 common voices. The Professional plan costs £135/month and includes more advanced features like 20 professional voices, 150 common voices, and enhanced quality models. The Enterprise plan is customizable and requires contacting Altered for pricing information. Voice Editor has two pricing plans: Starter and Basic. Starter is free and includes basic audio editing capabilities, while Basic costs £5/month and includes Voice AI features like Text-To-Speech, Speech-To-Text Transcription, and Text-To-Text Translation.

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Release Date: 28 March 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Altered work?

Altered uses advanced speech-to-speech and performance-to-performance technology to render hi-res synthetic speech that is indistinguishable from real. Users can create multi-character performances and even clone their own voice or the voice of someone else.

What are the benefits of using Altered?

The benefits of using Altered include the ability to create engaging professional voice performances, work with audio anywhere and anytime, and even clone voices for specific projects.

What type of industries use Altered?

Altered is used in a variety of industries, including film and television production, video games, advertising, and audiobook recording.


How much does Altered cost?

Altered offers a free trial, as well as different pricing plans for individuals and enterprises. Prices start at $49.99 per month for the Basic plan and go up to custom pricing for the Enterprise plan.

What type of voices can I choose from on Altered?

Altered offers a carefully curated portfolio of voices, as well as the ability to create custom voices for specific projects. Users can choose from a variety of accents, ages, and genders.

Is Altered easy to use?

Yes, Altered is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with features such as the Altered Voice Editor software that allows for recording and editing of voice recordings directly in the browser. Additionally, Altered offers support and tutorials to help users get started.