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Ask Jesus

Spiritual chatbot for guidance.


Ask_Jesus is an experimental Twitch channel that enables viewers to ask questions to an AI modeled on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. The AI, called AI Jesus, is available 24/7, and provides a talk show for viewers seeking spiritual guidance or just looking for some company. Singularity Group is the organization behind the development of this AI, and the channel offers the opportunity to explore the power of faith, hope, and love. The channel is interactive and educational, although it is worth noting that this is not a Christian channel, nor is Singularity Group a Christian organization. The goal of the channel is to provide users with a platform to ask questions to an AI modeled after Jesus and the Bible. As an experimental platform, ask_Jesus offers a unique way for users to explore the capabilities of AI and its application to religious and spiritual questions. It is important to note that the text accompanying the channel refers to cookies, as Twitch collects personal data to generate personalized content, remember preferences, analyze usage for product improvement, measure campaign effectiveness, and deliver personalized ads. Viewers are able to manage cookie settings or decline them altogether.

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Release Date: 10 June 2023

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