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Automated Investing & High-Yield Savings.

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Betterment Financial Platform – your go-to solution for smarter money management. Simplify your INVESTING journey with our automated approach, where we create and manage personalized portfolios tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. Say goodbye to the stress of day trading and let your money work harder for you in the long run.


Boost your savings with our high-yield Cash Reserve, earning an impressive 4.50% APY* (variable). With up to $2 million† in FDIC insurance, rest assured your funds are secure and thriving.


*The annual percentage yield (“APY”) on the deposit balances in Betterment Cash Reserve (“Cash Reserve”) is 4.50% and represents the weighted average of the APY on deposit balances at the banks participating in Cash Reserve (the “Program Banks”) and is current as of May 8, 2023. This APY is variable and subject to change daily.

Deposit balances are not allocated equally among the participating Program Banks. A minimum deposit of $10 is required, but there is no minimum balance required to be maintained. The APY available to a customer may be lower if that customer designates a bank or banks as ineligible to receive deposits. APY applies only to Cash Reserve and does not apply to checking accounts held through Betterment Checking. Cash Reserve and Betterment Checking are separate offerings and are not linked accounts.


Betterment Cash Reserve (“Cash Reserve”) is offered by Betterment LLC. Clients of Betterment LLC participate in Cash Reserve through their brokerage account held at Betterment Securities. Neither Betterment LLC nor any of its affiliates is a bank. Through Cash Reserve, clients’ funds are deposited into one or more banks (“Program Banks”) where the funds earn a variable interest rate and are eligible for FDIC insurance.


Cash Reserve provides Betterment clients with the opportunity to earn interest on cash intended to purchase securities through Betterment LLC and Betterment Securities. Cash Reserve should not be viewed as a long-term investment option.

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Release Date: 27 July 2023


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Thibault BM

July 29, 2023

Betterment is an outstanding financial platform that has transformed my approach to money management. With their automated investment process, I can now create personalized portfolios aligned with my goals and risk tolerance effortlessly. No more stress from day trading – Betterment lets my money work smarter for me in the long run. Their high-yield Cash Reserve is a game-changer, earning an impressive 4.50% APY*, and I love the added security with up to $2 million† in FDIC insurance. I trust Betterment to handle my funds wisely, providing peace of mind and exceptional service. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take control of their finances and secure a brighter financial future.

Thibault BM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my money safe with Betterment?

Absolutely! Your investments are secured through SIPC protection, and your cash account is FDIC-insured up to $2 million.

What are the fees for using Betterment?

Betterment offers low-cost investing and no-fee cash accounts, ensuring you keep more of your money.