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Clippy AI is a VS Code extension that allows you to send instructions in plain-text English to OpenAI Codex to suggest changes to your current file, and it presents the suggested changes in a diff view in your editor for you to accept or reject.

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Clippy AI is a Visual Studio Code extension that provides a simple interface to OpenAI Codex, an AI-powered coding assistant. With Clippy AI, developers can send Codex their current file along with plain-text English instructions on an operation to perform. Codex then generates suggested changes and opens a diff view in the editor so developers can easily see the changes and accept or reject them.

The extension is designed to make coding more efficient and streamlined by providing developers with AI-powered assistance. It allows them to focus on higher-level tasks, while Codex takes care of the lower-level details. Codex can generate code for a variety of programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and many others.

Clippy AI is designed to be simple and easy to use. Once installed, it adds a Clippy icon to the VS Code toolbar. To use Clippy AI, developers simply select the code they want to modify and click the Clippy icon. They can then provide Codex with instructions on the desired changes, and Codex generates suggestions in real-time. Developers can choose to accept or reject each suggestion, and the changes are applied automatically to the code.

Overall, Clippy AI is a powerful tool that can help developers streamline their coding process and increase productivity. It provides a simple, intuitive interface to OpenAI Codex, making it easy for developers to get started with AI-powered coding assistance.



Clippy AI is a free and open-source Visual Studio Code extension, which means it is currently available for free to anyone who wants to use it. However, it’s always best to check the official Clippy AI website or GitHub page for any updates on pricing or changes to the tool.

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Release Date: 28 March 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clippy AI work?

Clippy AI sends your current file and instructions to OpenAI Codex, which suggests code changes based on the context and the given instructions. Clippy AI then displays the suggested changes in a diff view, allowing you to accept or reject them.

What programming languages does Clippy AI support?

Clippy AI supports a wide range of programming languages, including but not limited to JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, and Ruby.

Is Clippy AI free?

Yes, Clippy AI is completely free and open-source.

How accurate are the code suggestions provided by Clippy AI?

The accuracy of the code suggestions provided by Clippy AI depends on the quality of the instructions given and the context of the code. Clippy AI is not perfect, and its suggestions may not always be ideal, but they can still be helpful in many cases.

Can I customize the settings of Clippy AI?

Yes, Clippy AI comes with customizable settings that you can tweak to fit your preferences and workflow. You can modify the keybindings, enable or disable specific features, and adjust the display settings of the diff view.

How do I install Clippy AI?

You can install Clippy AI directly from the Visual Studio Code extension marketplace. Simply search for “Clippy AI” and click the “Install” button. Once installed, you can access it from the command palette or by using the keyboard shortcut.