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Competitive intelligence platform for businesses.

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Crayon is the #1 competitive intelligence platform that helps businesses gain a strategic advantage by tracking their competitors and enabling their revenue teams in real time. With Crayon, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, win more business, and retain more customers. Crayon’s unparalleled intelligence capabilities allow businesses to outsmart the competition and drive revenue growth.


The platform automatically gathers, organizes, and amplifies crucial data from millions of sources, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their competitive landscape. By tapping into more than one hundred different data types across various competitive intelligence sources, Crayon ensures that businesses stay on top of product updates, messaging pivots, executive team changes, and more.


The power of Crayon lies in its ability to deliver powerful insights through game-changing AI and machine learning technologies. These advanced capabilities separate signal from noise, allowing businesses to focus on the most impactful insights. With features like Anomaly Detection and Importance Scoring, Crayon helps businesses identify trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive success. Crayon goes beyond providing intelligence; it also enables revenue teams to turn raw intelligence into a real advantage.


By arming revenue teams with battle cards that integrate seamlessly into tools like Salesforce, Crayon empowers them to win more deals and retain current customers. The battle cards are loved by users, providing them with the necessary information and guidance to compete effectively. Gone are the days of manual research that is time-consuming and risky. Crayon automates the process of capturing competitors’ movements in real time, saving businesses valuable time and effort. By leveraging Crayon’s platform, businesses can access a wealth of data from millions of sources, ensuring that no opportunities or threats go unnoticed.


Crayon also addresses the challenge of information overload by helping businesses separate signals from noise. With the platform’s artificial intelligence capabilities combined with human intelligence, businesses can identify key developments and trends before it’s too late. This ensures that businesses can prioritize the most impactful insights and make timely, informed decisions.


Moreover, Crayon equips businesses with the necessary infrastructure to deliver insights to the right people at the right time. By creating and delivering content through battle cards, automated alerts, and email digests, businesses can enable stakeholders to compete effectively and make informed decisions. Crayon’s competitive intelligence deliverables are designed to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and drive impact for businesses.

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Release Date: 13 July 2023

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