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Improved and restored photos.


FotoFix is an AI tool that enables users to fix old and blurry photos or enhance the appearance of new ones. Users can upload their images to the platform and allow the AI to restore missing details, correct color imbalances, and fix other issues. The tool uses advanced image processing algorithms to analyze and enhance the images. As a result, users can get restored and enhanced photos that look more vibrant and professional. FotoFix offers different plans that cater to users of various needs and budget. Besides, the tool allows users to sign in to their accounts to access their previous works and continue their ongoing projects. The platform offers an FAQ section that guides users through the process of using the tool, troubleshooting issues, and other concerns. FotoFix is ideal for individuals who want to restore or enhance their old photos or improve the appearance of new ones using AI.

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Release Date: 16 June 2023

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