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Search engine for finding information and knowledge.

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About is a search engine tool specifically designed for workplaces, enabling users to search their entire company from a single platform. It boasts a built-in understanding of context, text, code, and relations between people, making it impressively capable of sniping scattered knowledge across an entire organization.

The tool appears to be targeted at developers but can be used for finding all sorts of things like colleagues or important documents. is available on both Github and Discord and encourages users to leave a star wherever it is live. The tool is also described as being privacy-obsessed, which is important for companies dealing with sensitive information.

However, exact details on the methods used to ensure privacy are not specified in the text. Overall, aims to simplify and streamline the search process of the entire company, making it an essential tool to find important information and knowledge in a workplace setting.

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Release Date: 18 June 2023

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