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Generates human-like text by rewriting.

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Golden Chat is an AI-powered toolkit designed for creators, copywriters, and everyone in between. It offers a Human Rewriter tool that makes AI text more human, Copy Writing tool that generates new and unique copy and Pricing plans for everyone.


The Human Rewriter is easy to use, secure and private with 99.9% uptime. The Copy Writing tool is an affordable alternative to hiring a copywriter and perfect for advertising.


The pricing plans range from free to premium and offer different features such as credits, words, letters, minutes and hours saved. Golden Chat is secure, private and reliable, making it an ideal AI-powered toolkit for creators and copywriters.

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Release Date: 17 June 2023


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Rewriter in Golden.Chat?

Human Rewriter is a feature in Golden Chat that helps make AI-generated text more human-like. By simply pasting your text and clicking a button, you can easily enhance the naturalness and readability of your AI-generated content.

How does Golden.Chat's Copy Writing feature work?

Golden Chat’s Copy Writing feature provides an affordable alternative to hiring a copywriter. It generates new and unique copies for websites, products, or services. This makes it ideal for advertising purposes, helping you create compelling and tailored content for your marketing needs.