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Hello History is an AI-powered platform that allows users to have interactive and personalized conversations with historical figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, and Abraham Lincoln. Through conversations and debates with these figures, users can gain new insights and perspectives on history and life, and learn about various topics such as philosophy, science, art, music, and more. Hello History also offers a program for educators to transform their students’ learning with AI-generated content and factual information.

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Hello History is a podcast series that explores the fascinating and often surprising stories of people, places, and events from history. The podcast is hosted by historian and author, Dan Snow, who interviews a variety of experts and historians to uncover new insights and perspectives on well-known historical figures and events, as well as lesser-known stories from the past.

The podcast covers a wide range of historical topics, including politics, war, culture, science, and technology. Each episode is designed to be accessible and engaging for listeners, whether they are history enthusiasts or just curious about the past.

One of the unique features of Hello History is its use of soundscapes and immersive storytelling to transport listeners to different periods in history. This can include the use of original music, sound effects, and voice actors to bring historical events to life.

Overall, Hello History is a highly entertaining and informative podcast that brings the past to life in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re a seasoned history buff or just getting interested in the subject, there’s something in this podcast for everyone.



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Release Date: 28 March 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hello History work?

Users can sign up for courses on the Hello History website, and then access the course materials and lectures online. Courses are self-paced and can be completed at any time.

What kinds of courses are available on Hello History?

Hello History offers a wide range of courses covering many different periods and topics in history. Some popular courses include “The History of Ancient Rome,” “The American Revolution,” and “World War II: A Global History.”

How much do Hello History courses cost?

The cost of Hello History courses varies depending on the course and the instructor. Some courses are available for free, while others may cost several hundred dollars.

Can I earn college credit for Hello History courses?

Hello History courses do not offer official college credit, but many courses do offer certificates of completion that can be added to a resume or CV.

Do I need any special equipment to take Hello History courses?

All you need to take Hello History courses is a computer or mobile device with internet access.

Is Hello History suitable for all ages?

Yes, Hello History courses are designed to be accessible to learners of all ages and backgrounds.

How do I get started with Hello History?

To get started with Hello History, simply visit the website and browse the available courses. Once you find a course you’re interested in, sign up and start learning!