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Job description generation and parsing for startups.


HireYaY is a hiring platform designed specifically for startups. With HireYaY, you can avoid missing out on qualified candidates by leveraging AI-powered tools to create engaging job ads and easily distribute them to millions of job seekers in one click. HireYaY’s AI-guided job description generator can craft the best job post to attract the top talent and suggest skills, responsibilities, qualifications, and even write a personalized message based on pain points. The platform also provides salary insights for your location and industry, allowing you to know how much you should offer potential candidates. Candidate profiles are standard and parsed to show skills, qualifications, and employment history, and resumes can be downloaded. Automation is made easy with the ability to connect to more than 4000 applications via Zapier and Make. Signing up with HireYaY is free and no credit card is required.

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Release Date: 12 June 2023

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