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Jira Software: Agile Project Management for Teams.

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Jira Software is the leading agile project management tool trusted by teams worldwide to plan, track, release, and support top-notch software with confidence. As the single source of truth for your entire development lifecycle, Jira Software empowers autonomous teams with the context to move swiftly while staying aligned with the greater business goal.


Whether managing simple projects or driving DevOps practices, Jira Software streamlines work progress, enhances team communication, and keeps everyone in sync. Its flexibility supports any agile project management methodology, with customizable Kanban and Scrum boards, robust reporting, and integrations with over 3000+ apps, making it the go-to choice for agile teams, DevOps teams, software development, and project management teams worldwide.

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Release Date: 23 July 2023


  • Agile Boards

    Utilize powerful Scrum and Kanban boards to manage work efficiently, ensuring teams can adapt to agile planning methods and measure velocity effectively.

  • Timeline View

    Plan and track work with a timeline view.

  • Insights

    Out-of-the-box reports to keep teams up to date.

  • Integrations

    Extend Jira Software with 3000+ apps.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jira Software?

Jira Software is the #1 agile project management tool for software.

Who uses Jira Software?

Agile teams, DevOps teams, Product management teams, and more.

What features does Jira Software offer?

Agile boards, timeline view, insights, and integrations.