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Lyrical Labs is an AI-powered songwriting tool designed to help users overcome writer’s block and come up with limitless original ideas for song lyrics. The tool offers an endless supply of creative inspiration in any genre, style, or language, with an in-built smart dictionary that suggests related words to help users finish their lyrics. Users can collaborate with the AI to craft the perfect lyrics and talk to it for feedback to bring their musical vision to life. The platform is not intended to completely write songs for users, but rather to provide them with inspiration to add their own personal touch and creativity. Lyrical Labs provides a personalized and unique creative assistant with the freedom to experiment and try something new. The tool is designed to boost users’ songwriting process by providing ideas and suggestions based on their stylistic preferences. The platform is royalty-free, and users keep all rights to the lyrics they create on the platform. This AI-powered songwriting tool is suitable for anyone looking to become a better songwriter, regardless of their skill level or musical genre. With Lyrical Labs, users can write song lyrics faster and get infinite inspiration that transcends any language or topic.

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Release Date: 9 June 2023

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