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Personalized coaching through machine learning chats.


Mimir is an AI tool that provides personalized mentorship through an extensive list of AI personalities, including historical figures like Aristotle. With Mimir, users can choose a mentor and ask for personal advice and lessons without the need for networking skills or a large sum of money. As users engage in conversation with the AI mentor, it will ask relevant questions based on their previous queries and provide progressively better advice.Mimir offers a unique opportunity for individuals who are seeking guidance and direction in their personal or professional lives but may struggle to find a mentor due to time constraints or financial limitations. By leveraging the power of AI, Mimir provides accessible and affordable mentorship. Users can access this tool through a simple sign-in process and choose a personality from the available AI personalities.Mimir’s approach to mentorship is markedly different from other platforms, which may offer less personalized advice for a higher fee. Instead, Mimir relies on machine learning algorithms to understand the user’s concerns and provide insightful responses. The result is a powerful tool that offers accessible and personalized mentorship to individuals seeking guidance in their personal or professional lives.

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Release Date: 9 June 2023

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