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Cleaned, labeled, and visualized text data platform.

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MonkeyLearn is a no-code text analytics platform that is designed to help businesses quickly and easily clean, label, and visualize customer feedback. It is powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology that enables users to create custom charts and visualizations in a fast experience, combined with multiple data inputs such as dates, custom fields, and more.


The platform includes pre-built and custom machine learning models, with a range of pre-trained classifiers and extractors, as well as the ability to build and train custom models. Additionally, the platform offers business templates tailored for different scenarios and equipped with pre-made text analysis models and dashboards. MonkeyLearn enables users to uncover insights from their data and visualize them in an easy to understand format.


This can help businesses strengthen promoters, convert passives and detractors, increase support team efficiencies, reduce costs, and become more customer-centric. It has been used to great success by a number of companies, including Freshly, Garmentory, Golden Proportions, and MoxiWorks.

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Release Date: 16 June 2023


  • Connect your text data:


    You can upload CSV/Excel files or connect with your apps via direct integrations, Zapier or API. Text may come in various formats such as:

    Emails – Support tickets – Reviews – NPS Feedback – Surveys – Social Media

  • Turn your text into tags:


    Use text analysis models to tag your text automatically. Select from premade models, or build your own custom classifiers and extractors, powered by machine learning. Classifiers are used to classify text into defined categories. Eg: Sentiment, Topic, Aspects, Intent, Priority, etc. Extractors are used to extract pieces of data from text. Eg: Keywords, Features, Names, Dates, Prices, etc.

  • Put your tags to work:


    Use your MonkeyLearn tags to make new information about your business, and to build new workflows in your apps. Get insights by connecting with visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Mode and more. Inject tags back into your existing apps so you can analyze your data or automate workflows within your apps.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MonkeyLearn?

There is a lot of written text out there that pertains to your business and needs to be cataloged or analyzed. It might be emails, reviews, support tickets, comments on social media, feedback, news articles, etc.


Working through a high volume of text data can be challenging for a team, requiring a lot of time for manual and repetitive tasks, and with a high degree of errors.


MonkeyLearn is built to allow you and your team to analyze this overflow of data automatically. This translates into responding to clients more quickly, detecting problems before they snowball, and prioritizing your team’s time to work on higher impact items.

How does text analysis with MonkeyLearn work?

MonkeyLearn offers access to machine learning models that analyze incoming text and make predictions. Models can be trained to analyze sentiment, emotion, urgency, topics, or to look for pieces of information inside texts such as keywords, entities, etc.


There are two types of models for text analysis: Classifiers and Extractors. Users can choose to build their own classifiers and extractors, or use a series of pre-trained models to analyze their text.


To analyze your text, you can batch process files by uploading them directly to the model in question. You can also use our extension to process text in Google Sheets, as well as integration options through Zapier and our API.