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Olvy Changelogs

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Notified of product updates via efficient changelogs.


Olvy is an AI-powered changelog tool which enables companies to easily inform their users about product updates with minimum effort. With Olvy, users can create their own changelog and choose from various in-app widgets to bring product announcements in-app. Olvy offers a completely no-code experience, allowing users to customize their changelog to align with their product without writing a single line of code. Customization options include adding custom CSS and changing the domain to align with the product.Olvy offers language support which has been integrated into feedback widgets, improving the user experience for non-English speaking users. Olvy also provides AI-generated content for changelogs, with capabilities to generate bullet points, summarize texts, change tone, edit releases and fix spelling and grammar. Apart from its ease of use, Olvy offers amazing integrations with services such as GitHub, Slack, Discord and Zapier for efficient release management. Olvy also provides advanced filtering and project boards for efficient tracking and prioritizing of user needs. With in-built analytics, Olvy offers readership statistics to gauge readers’ reactions, unique visitors and pageviews. Overall, Olvy seems like an efficient, fast and user-friendly tool for companies looking for an easy way to inform users about product updates.

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Release Date: 10 June 2023

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