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Simplified business text generation.


ReplAI is an AI-powered browser extension that helps users quickly generate draft messages, emails, or other text needed for their business with the help of the GPT-3 model text generation. The extension is available on MacOS, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and other chromium-based browsers. It can initiate conversations without awkwardness and reply to a message with the right tone. With ReplAI’s AI friend, users can write a draft message quickly and easily by setting an objective, sentiment, and characters. Additionally, it integrates with Gmail and WhatsApp Web to auto-write responses. ReplAI also includes features such as “Ask Everything” which allows users to quickly jump to another site without using Google. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and has a strong feature set and clear benefits. There is a free trial period of 666 tokens that can be used 5-6 times to generate the reply text. All usage data is securely stored in the form of tokens and no personal data is collected. Currently, there is no mobile application but the company is developing a web playground for users to try out the AI-generated text via mobile or non-chromium-based browsers. ReplAI is pronounced as “Ripple AI” or “Reply”.

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Release Date: 14 June 2023

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