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Rezi stands out as the ultimate AI-powered resume builder that streamlines the entire resume creation process. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, Rezi automates writing, editing, formatting, and optimizing to craft a top-notch, ATS-friendly resume in minutes.


With over 313 professional resume and cover letter examples, it ensures content-focused, error-free resumes. The Rezi Score rates your resume’s quality and helps you improve it across 23 criteria points. Exciting features like ATS Keyword Targeting, Real-Time Content Analysis, and AI Skills Explorer maximize your chances of landing job interviews.


Access the latest modern templates, customize fonts, colors, and paper sizes to create a standout resume. Explore Rezi’s user guides and enjoy exporting options like PDF, DOCX, and Drive. With both free and premium plans, Rezi empowers over a million job seekers worldwide.

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Release Date: 21 July 2023


  • ATS Keyword Targeting

    Identify relevant keywords using AI to increase your resume’s chances of passing ATS screenings and getting noticed by recruiters.

  • Real-Time Content Analysis

    Rezi automatically highlights missing bullet points, buzzwords, and content errors, helping you craft a comprehensive and appealing resume.

  • The Rezi Score

    Receive instant feedback on your resume’s quality and effectiveness with a score out of 100, ensuring you create a highly competitive resume.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost to use Rezi's resume builder?

Rezi offers a range of plans, including a free option and premium plans starting from $29 monthly or $129 one-time. A lifetime plan is also available for long-term access.

Can I create multiple resumes with Rezi?

Yes, Rezi allows you to create and manage multiple resumes tailored to different job applications, all within one account.

Does Rezi support cover letter creation?

Absolutely! Rezi provides templates and guidance to create professional cover letters in sync with your resume.