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Simply choose the mood, the genre and the length. Their AI will generate beautiful songs for you.

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Soundraw is an AI music generator that helps creators to produce custom music for their projects. It is a powerful tool for creating music from scratch or customizing existing songs to fit the needs of your project. Users can choose from a variety of genres, moods, and lengths to generate custom music.


With the help of Soundraw, creators can produce music without worrying about copyright strikes or spending extra hours searching for the perfect song. The service also offers a personal plan with a yearly subscription of $16.99/month and a monthly plan with a subscription of $19.99/month.


The plans come with unlimited song generation, bookmarking, and up to 50 songs per day downloads. Moreover, they include a royalty-free license for all content that can be used for Youtube, Social Media, TV, movies, web ads, corporate videos, live broadcasting, podcasts, radio programs and ads, guided meditations, audiobooks, music streaming, games, apps, NFT, store BGM, and events. The license is permanent and users keep their rights to use the songs even after they unsubscribe.

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Release Date: 28 March 2023


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Frequently Asked Questions

What genres and moods are available in Soundraw's music generator?

Soundraw offers a variety of genres and moods for users to choose from when generating custom music. This selection allows creators to find the perfect music that fits the specific needs and theme of their projects.

How many songs can I download per day with Soundraw's personal plan?

With Soundraw’s personal plan, users can download up to 50 songs per day. This feature ensures that content creators have access to a substantial amount of music options for their projects.

Can I continue using the music generated from Soundraw after my subscription ends?

Yes, users retain the rights to use the songs generated with Soundraw even after their subscription ends. The royalty-free license provided with the plans allows the music to be used for various purposes, such as YouTube, social media, TV, movies, podcasts, and more, without worrying about copyright issues.