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Cooking videos to step-by-step recipes conversion.


Video2Recipe is an AI tool designed to convert cooking videos into step-by-step recipe instructions and ingredient lists. Users can easily paste a video URL or ID and let the tool process the information. The tool’s AI technology analyzes the cooking video and extracts the necessary information to create a recipe, saving users time and effort in manually transcribing the recipe. The generated recipes can be used to follow along with the cooking video or saved for later use. The tool’s website offers a demo of the AI-generated recipes, allowing users to see the tool in action. The website also includes information on pricing plans, a signup option for new users, and a login option for returning users. Video2Recipe prioritizes user privacy, providing users with clear terms of use and a privacy policy. Additionally, the website features a FAQ section for any questions or concerns users may have. Video2Recipe’s unique functionality sets it apart from other recipe management tools, offering users an alternative way to create recipes, and streamlining the process of converting videos into written instructions.

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Release Date: 11 June 2023

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