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WZRD is an AI-powered video augmentation tool designed to help creators take their music, video and live performance to the next level. It works by using audio analysis to detect percussion and harmonic elements, which are then used to drive a machine learning technique called a neural network. This results in a range of visuals, from modern art to dark sci-fi, which are then rendered into a video and combined with the user’s audio. WZRD provides an unprecedented visual experience, allowing users to create a video in a few minutes.

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Release Date: 17 June 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WZRD free to use?

We offer free previews, where renders are limited to 30 seconds and generated at half FPS (frames per second). You can create full-length full-FPS renders by topping up your Render Wallet.

How is my audio encoded?

Audio is encoded as 128 kbit/s AAC for previews, and 320 kbit/s AAC for full-length renders.

How do I create my own visual theme?

Wzrd currently provide a variety of existing visual themes you can choose from. When using one of these themes, the images you get are unique and generated only for you. Currently, you cannot add your own images to influence the visual theme or final rendered video. That’s why wzrd are working on a tool to create your own visual theme. You can read wzrd technical article about the challenges of “training” a new visual theme. The article explains why this training is a computationally expensive process. This means that creating a new visual theme requires a certain budget.