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The US government is taking significant steps towards AI regulation, with the White House announcing a suite of AI policies and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promising prompt legislation. AI policy in DC remains a relatively uncharted territory, with proposals often lacking concrete action plans. Four key categories are emerging in the discussion: Rules, Institutions, […]
  • IBM and NASA's groundbreaking partnership unleashes an open-source AI model for Earth sciences.
  • The model empowers climate scientists to predict deforestation, crop yields, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An AI revolution looms as NASA's vast satellite data becomes accessible to all, fueling discoveries and shaping our future.
Finally, Apple is on the move and is entering the AI age as well with Apple GPT. Reportedly, it's available currently to employees but requires special access. While internal distribution has stopped while they're trying to resolve general security concerns for generative AI, additional employees have been brought on board to test. While Apple GPT […]
Google has entered testing phase for one of its newest AI, Genesis. Reportedly, this will help journalists all around the world with their work and has already been pitched to some of the largest publications in the world like The New York Times, Insider, and Gannett. A bold move, given the recent mishap that happened […]
What is Llama 2? Llama 2 is Meta's second baby. Their very own language learning model to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT and others. The main difference is that Llama 2 is open-source and entirely free for both research and commercial purposes. Meta hopes this will attract users across tech, academia, and beyond. What happened to […]
Hey there, tech aficionados! Google's been cooking up something exciting in their AI kitchen, and it's time to take a peek. Meet Bard, Google's experimental conversational AI service, powered by their Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). This AI maestro is set to change the way we interact with information, and it's got us all […]
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